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You will find the new handcrafted wearable art.

New Creations Posted

New Creations

Our designer has been busy creating handcrafted creations.  Click on the button to be directed to the online store.  

New Garden Path to Come!

New Creations

It’s been a project in waiting. Since we cut down a large blue spruce tree 5 years ago. The next phase in the making a of garden path.

Garden Update

New Creations

Peter is redesigning the front garden.  He is giving the existing plants a boost and adding some new plants. More to come as the designer in him flourishes.

Morning Favorite

New Creations

After Walking 4 miles with the @wilson.woofers. My morning favorites include a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, YL Living Protein Powder mixed milk and with a packet of NingXia Red. Click button below to learn more about a healthy lifestyle.

itchy bug bite

New Creations

The @Wilson.Woofers and I were on our morning walk and I felt an itchy bug bite.  When we got home I thought which essential oil will get rid of it.  A quick search and found a roller recipe to make.  Ok, I put that aside for later and applied a drop of Lavender on top […]

Clean Weed Killer!

New Creations

I made a Clean Weed Killer.  It killed the weeds and grass growing in the in the cracks.  Thieves Essential oil, Vinegar, Thieves Dish Soap.  Bam Sprayed it along the house and good bye weeds.   Click the button below to learn more.


New Creations

Shop our designer’s creations at our secure online store.  Dedicated to making your shopping experience seamless and easy.

Aluminum Can Creations

I will share my colorful aluminum can flowers here. ROY G. BIV color organization really offers a pallet to place the cans in a good order.  Making the flowers are done in stages.  Step one cutting the cans into a sheet, Step 2 embossing the sheets done in bulk, Step 3 cutting -to be continued. […]

Art Of Peace Partnership

New Creations

We are honored to announce our Art Of Peace Partnership with the Robby Poblete Foundation and 2handscrafting designer Peter Wilson. Together they created the Art of Peace partnership to sell a special line of jewelry. From the Robby Poblete Foundation…During our Art of Peace opening ceremony in May in Downtown Vallejo, many loved ones of […]

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