Vallejo, CA

Art Of Peace Partnership

We are honored to announce our Art Of Peace Partnership with the Robby Poblete Foundation and 2handscrafting designer Peter Wilson. Together they created the Art of Peace partnership to sell a special line of jewelry.

From the Robby Poblete Foundation…During our Art of Peace opening ceremony in May in Downtown Vallejo, many loved ones of gun violence victims placed gun metal in a foundry to be melted and turned into peace doves. We received many requests after that to create more peace doves from transformed guns. RPF is happy to release a new line of jewelry as an extension of Art of Peace, with all proceeds going to our gun buyback and Art of Peace programs. The story behind each peace dove: RPF obtained materials from gun buybacks and confiscated evidence from law enforcement agencies from throughout the state. The guns were melted and poured into molds by Obtainium Works of Vallejo, and the final jewelry was made by 2handscrafting by Peter Wilson.

. Each piece sells for $200. You may see them in person or pick up your purchase at The Foundation Office at 420 Virginia Street office (message Purse clip sells for $150. Price will be adjusted to include shipping fees, if needed.